About the Research

School Chaplains do great work promoting holistic wellbeing in schools. We know this because every year, we hear story after story about the amazing contribution they make to the lives of students, families and staff – the people who know chaplains, work alongside them and directly benefit from their work. In this report, we are pleased to tell this recurring story in a different way – through data, graphs and infographics.

Throughout 2023, we collected information on the demographics, activities and impact of our School Chaplains.

Not all the information collected was included in this report. This report is a ‘snapshot’ of the information that, from our experience is the information people are most interested in when it comes to finding out more about school chaplaincy.

Thanks to the School Chaplains and field workers who gave their time to record data, to McCrindle who helped us put together our ‘Chaplaincy Activity Surveys’ and to SU Chaplaincy staff who crunched numbers, interpreted data and designed infographics that have helped us understand the story of school chaplaincy better than we did before.

the Snapshot

To view the full report, please download the PDF below.